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CD: most people are good

"The stark beauty of Denny's songs is reminiscent of Greg Brown, but with a healthy dose of devilish wit thrown in for good measure. Highly recommended!"
— Kate MacKenzie
Red House Recording Artist

"Anyone who enjoys good songwriting and great storytelling will love this collection. Very witty, that McGregor fella."
— Cascade Arts & Entertainment, Bend, OR

"We've been playing Dennis's new CD because it's well-produced, the songs are well-written and it suits us. We like it!"
— Tom Krumm, KLCC, Eugene, OR

"...we can expect to see more of the same caliber of songwriting for McGregor's next record... and that's a very good thing."
— The Source, Bend, OR

"This warm, funny guy is imminently listenable and able to transcend styles in a moment. I felt so lucky to be among the people who got to attend this show. I really enjoyed his presence; and his skill, pacing, and taste were all first-class."
— Dr Adam Hill, Sonoma State University, CA

most people are good
Dennis McGregor, Music CD

Daddy's Little Lullaby Wedding Day Waltz Here is Mine I Met Somebody Too Lazy for Love Low Hangin' Fruit Caught in Your War My Dog's Brother Singin' the Talkin' Blues You and Your Sister
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1. You and Your Sister <img src="noflash.gif" width="17" height="17" alt="a" /> 6. Too Lazy for Love
2. Singin' the Talkin' Blues a 7. I Met Somebody
3. My Dog's Brother a 8. Here is Mine
4. Caught in Your War a 9. Wedding Day Waltz
a 5. Low Hangin' Fruit a 10. Daddy's Little Lullaby

Portrait Photography: Lynn Woodward

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