The High Road
from: behind the beat, below the note
-- ©2009 by Dennis McGregor

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As you drive through the lowlands of the cities and towns
you see too few smiles, and too many frowns
oh the tempers and the traffic, the tension and such
can mess with your mind, you know it's too much
when the world as you know it, from behind the wheel
is makin' you feel, like you don't want to feel


Say hi, to the high road, goodbye to the world below
come up where every thing's clear
Hi, to the high road, goodbye to the world below
heaven must be, around here

Through the shadows of the mountains, 'round the banks of the lakes
for one hundred miles, every bend that it makes
is an eye full of beauty, a treasure for sure
a string of pearls, these waters so pure


And the worst thoughts up here, as far as thoughts go
are better than the best, that you have down below
and if you see another driver, though seldom is done
they wave with five fingers, instead of just one


And when the winds of autumn, begin to blow
before you know it, it's all covered with snow
and it sleeps through the winter, but we can't wait for spring
with the hopes of summer when again we'll all sing


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