Green Acres to Rocky Top
from: behind the beat, below the note
-- ©2008 by Dennis McGregor

Play Clip
Makin' a flat spot for the house
It was all about movin' dirt
diggin' with blisters on our hands
tell ourselves it doesn't even hurt
Rake a little sand to shade the pipes
throw a little iron in the trench
form it up straight and pour it right
tighten down a mud sill with a wrench
Get used lumber from the old mill
clear and straight back in those days
frame up a wall and raise it high
get a little shade from the rays
Cut green timbers for the roof top
raise 'em up with a borrowed boom truck
lay down the tin, just in time
before the rain, it was just our luck

chorus -
Yodel-leedle-lady, from green acres
yodel-leedle-lady, to rocky top
yodel-leedle-lady this rooftop view
yodel-leedle-lady, will never stop

Busy with a hole hog makin' holes
pull a bunch of wire through the walls
run the hot ones run the cold ones
set the drain pipe so it falls
Trim the windows with the clear pine
on the outside use the cedar
make a dump run on the weekend
throw a tarp on the little red beater
Spread red cinders on the driveway
grade the washboard in the fall
stack firewood between the trees
hide the trash cans behind the wall
Drink cold water from a deep well
go half naked on a radiant floor
paint pictures in the north light
fresh air blowin' through double doors


Scramble them eggs and flip the flapjacks
tie a rope around a tire
hot water on a wood stove
throw another log on the fire
Grow a little garden with a deer fence
let the hops grow up the gate post
a little greenhouse in the corner
where the red worms eat the compost
Give the yolks back to the chickens
grind eggshells in their chow
green trees from gray water
let's take a bath right now
>From your front porch to my porch
the path is a beautiful sight
life's just the way we make it
stone by stone alright alright


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