someone believes
from: front porch to the moon
-- ©2006 by Dennis McGregor

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Along the highway, the plastic flowers,
and wooden crosses, go by for hours.
It's like a cemetery, mile after mile,
What happened here, what happened there,
I wonder all the while.

What were the last thoughts, on their mind?
Is there a family, they left behind?
Somebody must have loved them, before their last ride,
They want us all to know, exactly where they died.

Someone believes, there is a heaven
Don't ask why or how.
Someone believes, there is a heaven,
That's all that matters right now.

Was it a family? Was it a child?
Killed by a drunk or a storm so wild.
Were they in the fast lane, talkin' on a cell phone
ridin' with a party, or drivin' all alone?

(2nd chorus)
Someone's believin' it, someone's believin' it,
Someone's believin' it so.
Someone's believin' it, someone's believin' it,
Someone believes it I know.

Every time I turn around, I see another,
A daughter or a son, father or a mother.
We'll never know what happened, to him or her,
We're guessin' this we're guessin' that but one thing is for sure.

(2nd chorus)

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