might as well rain
from: front porch to the moon
-- ©2006 by Dennis McGregor

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I see your plow is broken down
and your mule is lookin' thin.
Your fields are golden brown.
How you gonna, bring 'em in?

Dig it while it's warm and dry,
don't let these days go by,
or it might as well rain
might as well rain.

She said "please scratch my back,
there's a spot I can not reach.
I got a cold one in my pack,
I'll split it with you, at the beach."


Is that a swim suit on the line?
It's been hangin' way past wet.
You know the water's fine,
but you ain't jumped in yet.


We could sleep out tonight
and make a cocoa pie.
Moon and stars for a light
fire flickers in your eye.


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