dead man sittin'
from: front porch to the moon
-- ©2005 by Dennis McGregor

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I had a real good life,
I know I can't go back,
but I would do a couple things a little bit different
than I did this mornin' when I left the shack.

I would have made my bed,
I would have done the dishes,
I would have wrote my will,
let everyone know exactly what to do about my last wishes.

I'm a dead man, sittin' in a saddle.
I'm up shit creek, without a paddle.
I'm a dead man, sittin' in a saddle.
Comin' down from the mountain sometimes
is a downhill battle.

I guess I'm lucky to be alive.
They say I'm lucky to be alive.

I see a tunnel of light.
And that's a big surprise.
But I guess you see everything a little bit different
when you see your whole life before your eyes.

I see ten white knuckles, grippin' the rein,
a big ol' horse with a tiny little brain.


I would have stayed in bed,
if I had only known,
when you come in to this life you're all by yourself
and when you go out you're still all alone.

I never would have gone up the mountain of course.
I never would have got on the god-damned horse.


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