she lives on tears
from: front porch to the moon
-- ©2005 by Dennis McGregor

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She can't afford the water,
she can't afford the wood
she's just a poor man's daughter
he would help her if he could

She can't keep up with the gasoline
let alone her old red truck
she's broken down in a place between
destiny and luck

And she lives on tears
the worst winter in years
and she lives on tears
she can't win, she's so thin
cause she lives on tears
she lives on tears

She put her hopes on a good man
at least she thought he was
he took her love and away he ran
like every good man does


Nobody's holding her now
A lifetime of goodbyes somehow

She's lookin' at the river
through the fallin' snow
it's just a cold gray sliver
in the canyon far below

She thinks today might be the day
that she finds her wings
and free falls and fly away
to forever that it brings


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