every man (needs breasts)
from: front porch to the moon
-- ©2005 by Dennis McGregor

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Every man needs breasts,
from this thought he never rests.
Even in his sleep
into his dreams they creep.
Every man…

And he doesn't understand
why they feel good in his hand.
Two are perfect just to snuggle,
if there were three he'd have to juggle
And it's hard not to stare
when he sees a lovely pair.
And it comes as no surprise
that regardless of their size,
every man… every man…

When he's born he's a little sucker.
All he does is cry and pucker.
Right away they're his best friends.
And he hopes it never ends…

In a magazine
or a movie screen.
Even on their computers
google searchin' for some hooters.
Every man… Every man…

When he designs a swimming suit
he just wants them to look cute.
And if you put 'em in a museum
they'd be lined up just to see 'em.
Every man…every man… Every man…

Every man needs breasts
from this thought he never rests.
Every man.

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