You and Your Sister
from: most people are good
-- ©2004 by Dennis McGregor

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I was raised by pioneer women,
threw me in a creek just to get me swimmin'
over the plains in a nash with am roof rack
find a new life in the land of the big mac

I got religion from the farmer in the dell
he talked a whole lot more about heaven than hell
went fishin' with a bible and worms in a can
he was a bang 'em on the head and throw 'em in the pan man

I bet your family tree had some fine roots
but over the years had some nuts and fruits
they ran a few cattle, grew a little corn
before you and your sister were born

We paid the rent, often as we could
we had a cute little fireplace but no firewood
music was cheap and the ocean was free
we were ahead of our time we were bad as we wanted to be

I met your mother in the middle of a bomb scare
she was the quintessential devil may care
wild as a bug but she could do no wrong
and every day was saturday 'til you and your sister came along

We had a fish in a bowl we had a kitten and a pup
something was missin' till you showed up
bell bottoms and beads was what was being worn
before you and your sister were born

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