Singin' the Talkin' Blues
from: most people are good
-- ©2004 by Dennis McGregor

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Wintertime is tough enough
but my shack burned down and I lost my stuff.
I got nothin' to lose,
I'm singin' the talkin' blues.

I searched the ashes couldn't find a thing
I may go south I may be back in the spring.
whatever I choose,
I'm singin' the talkin' blues.

Through the window, I saw my piano on fire
In the mornin' there was nothin' but blackened wire

I snap my fingers to keep a beat,
my guitar's gone and I'm out on the street.
I got one pair of shoes
I'm singin' the talkin' blues.

Fire trucks parked on my lawn
tried to save my house but now the lawn is gone.
I've got a mower I can't use,
I'm singin' the talkin' blues.

People say don't worry it'll be alright,
I look around and I wonder where they are tonight...

I make my bed under the stars
I cast my thumb to the passin' cars.
down on the highway I'll cruise,
singin' the talkin' blues.

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