My Dog's Brother
from: most people are good
-- ©2004 by Dennis McGregor

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My Dog's brother is my brother's dog,
that's just the kind of thing my brother would say.
My brother's dog is my dog's brother,
sometimes turns it 'round the other way.
When he's out on a limb,
about as far as he can go,
I say to come back brother
and stick to what you know.

Lovers love on a restless night,
rain upon the fires of fear.
A ring on a chain in a thunder storm
lightning never strikes around here.
Is it possible to miss someone
that you aint never met?
If it is I hopin' that
I might meet you yet.

Bible and a beer can side by side
lyin' in a ditch by the side of the road.
If trash could talk from a holy grave
would it be the greatest party ever told?
When it feels like the bottom
and they're tellin' you it's the top,
find your own little heaven
and make it your last stop.

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