Caught in Your War
from: most people are good
-- ©2004 by Dennis McGregor

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Here we are, here we go again,
it's the same old mess that we've always been in
since the world was young
and we didn't know what was goin' on.

But now we've grown, and come so far
put a man on the moon, we could put a woman on a star,
how can we be so bright
and yet so dull?

Cause most people are good,
this I know,
all around the world
everywhere you go.

Before they eat, they bow their heads
before they sleep, they kneel by their bed
sayin' bless this mess
and let Johnny come marchin' home.

Is a Christian soldier an oxymoron
with the cross of Jesus marching to war on
any of the children
of this that and any other god?

Well I can't see Jesus in a camouflage suit
had nothin' to hide from and no one to shoot
the prince of peace
was all the time talkin' about love

if you're holy and you know it hats off to ya
but while you're workin' on your rapture
we're caught in the middle of your war

My father goes to the church of John Wayne
the first commandment is not to complain
lead with your right
and rule with your might, amen,

Like they used to say a little dab will do ya
but now the're runnin' out in Texas
and we could use a little bit more...

Be true to your country, be true to your school
be true to your holy thing and the golden rule
ain't nothin' red white or blue
ever gonna lie to me...

yeah right,

like a tooth beneath a pillow in a child's night
it's the stuff that dreams are made of
they're just hollow to the core
we got a few bad apples, we're all caught in their war.

Cause most people are good
this I know,
all around the world
everywhere you go.

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