Low Hangin' Fruit
from: most people are good
-- ©2004 by Dennis McGregor

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She said "I'm no good in the mornin', can you come back about noon?"
I said, "but baby, this is our honeymoon"
I tried on my life vest sayin' "watch me float"
those were my last words before I jumped off the boat

and now I'm doin' the backstroke 'neath a Havana moon
wonderin' if my bride is still in that room
I hope there's bananas on a beach
coconuts in reach'
and nothin' that I'll ever have to shoot
Just a paradise of low-hangin' fruit

Federales from the mountains, coast guard from the sea
I never dreamed these guys were chasin' me
I said "what'd I do? I didn't do nothin' and I really must insist"
he said "cabrón!" and put the cuffs on my wrist

and now I'm makin' gravel with a ten pound sledge
wishin' for something that could take off the edge
if I could get a lawyer on the phone,
I wouldn't be so alone
guess they ain't got the time or they just don't give a hoot
too busy livin' off of the low-hangin' fruit

And you can work all day, and all night long
at the top of the tree but you'd be doin' it wrong
throw down your ladder and open your eyes
fall down on your knees and get a fine prize

I dreamed last night I was sleepin' but I was really wide awake
thinkin' 'bout all the easy money and about my great escape
and all the women from New York City to the beaches of L.A.
they give me reason for my get away

and now I'm makin' a tunnel, a little tunnel of love
and it's adiós amigos to the guards up above
I hope to be there pretty soon
though I'm just usin' a little spoon
I'll be poppin' up under the low-hangin' fruit

and it's goodbye felons and hello melons
where ever it's hangin' low is where I want to go
and if it's growin' near the ground it's where I will be found
in a paradise of low-hangin' fruit.

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