Too Lazy for Love
from: most people are good
-- ©2004 by Dennis McGregor

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Standin' in the moonlight, my shadow on her door
It suddenly occurred to me I could have done more
I could have bought flowers to show her that I care
maybe wore a sport coat, done something with my hair

I could have made a phone call the very next day
I thought about it but I didn't know what to say
I know I had her number, it was written on my hand
I guess it washed away like words in the sand

In a little dream that night
nothin' seemed to turn out right
it's like someone should give me a shove
I'm too lazy for love

Birds do it bees do it, everybody knows
everyone's naked, underneath their clothes
lookin' for the real thing, a lighthouse in a storm
It's the middle of the winter and you want to be warm

All anybody wants is just to find a good kisser
someone who just wants to kiss and be kissed
just when you think you finally found the right lover
then you realize she is the one who will be missed

Like a pretty little dream in your head
when you hear a little voice instead
says the one thing you're guilty of
you're too lazy for love

People say the dream is gettin' swept off your feet
a happy ending from the start is always kind of sweet
Seen it in a story, read it on a screen
it's either it or it is not there's nothin' in between

So from a little dream you wake
with a promise that you just can't make
says what were you thinking of
you're too lazy for love

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