Here is Mine
from: most people are good
-- ©2004 by Dennis McGregor

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Some people wear it on their sleeve.
Some people keep it locked away.
I find it hard to believe
it would ever see the light of day.

And you may find it in a dance,
or you may find it in the song.
If you're afraid to take a chance
that chance may never come along.

Here is mine
here is mine.

And you may lay your burden down
or you might kick it like a stone.
You can go the world around,
and you may never find your own.

And if you dive too deep,
into a shallow heart,
you might hit the bottom and
you may break apart
but if you get inside
try to give it all away,
and you may come to find there is
nothin' left to say
but here is mine.

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